Hire a Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney in Bronx, NY

Pregnancy should be an exciting time, but for too many people, problems in the workplace create a toxic work environment. A pregnancy discrimination attorney in the Bronx can ensure that your rights are protected.


What Does Pregnancy Discrimination Look Like?

Visit a Bronx attorney who specializes in pregnancy discrimination if you believe your condition has led to unfair treatment. An employer who refuses to hire a pregnant applicant or who demotes or fires a pregnant employee is violating the law.

When you return to your job after pregnancy leave, you are entitled to the same or a similar position. You should not be treated any differently than any other temporarily disabled worker.

Just because you are male doesn’t mean you won’t face discrimination. If you have comprehensive health coverage, your employer is required to cover your wife’s pregnancy.

Why You Need a Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney in the Bronx?

While the Pregnancy Discrimination Act has been a federal law since 1978, there are still many situations where employers seemingly punish their employees for pregnancy and childbirth.

There is no industry that is safe from pregnancy discrimination. Accommodations must be made in certain jobs, so it is important to understand your rights. Just because you have a physical job doesn’t mean you will need to leave the position. It is important to understand what rights you have under the law before agreeing to a title change or any other modifications to your position.

It isn’t uncommon for women to avoid asking for needed accommodations during pregnancy because they fear retaliation from their employer. Don’t let concerns over potential fallout prevent you from speaking up. Retaliation by your employer is a violation of the law.

Even in cases where you don’t believe you have protection, such as in low-wage industries such as retail and food-service, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act applies. If your doctor recommends lighter duty or other accommodations, your employer must make a reasonable effort to meet your needs.

There is no reason that you should lose your position or take a financial hit due to pregnancy. Working with a pregnancy discrimination attorney who is familiar with state and federal laws ensures that you get the protection and compensation you are entitled to. A pregnancy discrimination attorney can help you recover back pay and promotions, as well as help you with job reinstatement. If your workplace is found at fault, expect them to cover attorney’s fees as well.

Don’t Let Problems in the Workplace Create Stress During Your Pregnancy.

If you or your spouse is experiencing issues related to pregnancy from an employer, there are available options. Get in touch with The Law Office of Delmas A. Costin, Jr today to discuss your situation.