Immigration law is one of the most complex subject areas of the United States legal system. No matter if you are seeking a green card or a visa, if you are facing deportation, or if you have other immigration issues – you should hire Bronx immigration attorney Delmas Costin. He is an immigration lawyer who knows the immigration statutes, regulations, and procedures that will ultimately affect your immigration case.

What is immigration?

Immigration occurs when a person comes into a country with the intention of working there for a specific period and/or the intention of seeking permanent residency in that country. The immigration system here in the United States is set up to grant immigration status based primarily on factors such as necessary work skills and family reunification. The United States immigration system also sets standards for refugees and asylum seekers.

How can I or someone else I know be eligible for legal immigrant status?

Obtaining legal immigrant status here in the United States depends on many factors that can determine which legal path you may take to receive your status. These factors include your family situation and your employment situation.

Obtaining your status based on your family situation

Are you seeking legal immigrant status because you have a relative who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident? If so, your family situation must have the following:

  • Your family relationship has to be a recognized family relationship under federal immigration law.
  • Your relative (also called a “sponsor” under immigration law) must file Form I-130, “Petition for Alien Relative,” and proof of your family relationship to petition for your legal status in the United States. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau must approve the petition.

Obtaining your status based on your employment situation

Are you seeking legal immigrant status based on a permanent employment opportunity? If so, you are required to meet the following:

  • You must fall under one of the five employment-based immigration categories recognized under federal immigration law;
  • Your employer must file an immigrant visa petition (Form I-140), and the petition must be approved; and
  • Your employer must complete and submit a labor certification request (Forms ETA 750A and 750B) to the United States Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.

What if I am seeking refugee or asylum status?

To be eligible for refugee status, you must have suffered past persecution or be in danger of suffering future persecution from your country based on your race, your religion, your nationality, your political view, or your membership in a certain group. If you meet this requirement, you must also meet certain security and medical criteria to be eligible to enter into the United States under refugee or asylum status.

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