Failure to Pay Wages & Overtime

Failure to Pay Wages & Overtime

A Bronx Employment Lawyer Addresses Employee Wages And Benefits

If you are like most job-seekers, you will want to know what a potential job pays and what benefits the employer can offer as you decide whether or not to submit your resume or application. In this article, a Bronx employment lawyer discusses these two major employee concerns.

Wage and Hour Laws

Minimum wage statutes at the national and state levels determine the basic wages that must be paid to each employee, and the hours that comprise full and part-time work. Overtime, holiday pay and other wage concerns are also covered under these laws, with which employers are required to remain in compliance. The purpose of these laws is to ensure that the employer receives a fair day’s work and that you receive a fair day’s pay.

Compliance with Laws Governing Wages

Sadly, it doesn’t always happen that way. Like any other law, wage and hour laws can be broken. Some of the more frequently seen infringements are shown below:

  • The employee is kept at an entry-level pay status when his or her performance demonstrates justification for a higher wage.
  • The employee’s pay does not meet minimum wage laws.
  • Non-exempt employees are not paid for overtime.
  • Excessive reductions in pay are made due to tips earned, etc.

Emergency, Medical And Family Leave

There are certain benefits that employers are required to provide by law. These include family, medical, and emergency leave. If circumstances require you to take leave under these laws, there should be no retaliatory or penalizing action taken towards you for the time you were away.

Benefit “Packages”

Just as job-seekers search for the best positions, employers want employees with the best qualifications. Benefit packages are an employer’s way of saying, “We have much more to offer than that other company. Come work for us.” By offering attractive programs for health and wellness, disability insurance, vision and dental plans, life insurance, retirement options, stock incentives and other inducements, companies present themselves as desirable places to work. Their intention is that you will choose their offer. Having made the choice to offer these packages, however, there are laws and regulations that apply and to which the employer must adhere. ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, mandates that employees must be kept informed of the particulars of each plan and any changes or adaptations that may occur.

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