Bronx employment law lawyerA Bronx employment law attorney would likely state that one of the most critical aspects of an employment lawsuit is your deposition. In many cases, a Bronx employment law lawyer will take depositions of all important parties to the litigation, including depositions from the employer, human resources personnel, other employees of the company and you. A Bronx employment law attorney can walk you through the process of taking and providing testimony for depositions.
What It Is
A deposition is an opportunity for a Bronx employment law lawyer to ask a party questions about the case under oath. That person’s sworn testimony can provide additional information for the plaintiff or defendant’s attorneys. Sometimes a Bronx employment law lawyer might try to impeach the witness to show any inconsistency between the deposition testimony and testimony at trial. Understanding the purpose and significance of a deposition is the first step that a Bronx employment law lawyer may take to adequately prepare you for it.
Effective Strategies
A Bronx employment law lawyer may recommend that you be able to remember important details about the case. You must also be able to support your claim with these details. You should also be aware of potential traps that an employer’s Bronx employment law lawyer may lay in order to garner inaccurate or incomplete testimony from you. Having multiple meetings with an attorney can help you develop these strategies and give you the confidence that you need during your deposition.
Deposition Notice
One of the traps that a defendant’s attorney may try to lay is by scheduling your deposition quickly and without any regard to your schedule. This tactic is meant to unnerve you and throw you off balance. However, the law mandates that you receive “reasonable notice” of any scheduled deposition, which requires at least ten days’ notice. Additionally, the employer’s Bronx employment law attorney has to contact your attorney in order to schedule the deposition, so you should receive notice before you receive the official word about the deposition. If you do not receive reasonable notice, you have the option to appear at the deposition, file a motion for a protective order or not appear at the scheduled time.
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