Bronx Employment Law Attorney When involved in employment law cases, depositions generally cover a wide range of topics. A Bronx employment law attorney can help to ensure that their clients are prepared to answer questions on this multitude of subjects in case they are broached by an aggressive and well-equipped defense attorney.
A Bronx Employment Law Lawyer Can Explain the Intricacies of Depositions
Depositions enable a defense attorney to question a plaintiff about information relevant to the claimant’s employment law case. A practiced employment law attorney can explain that these interrogations are useful to the defense for many reasons including:

  • The defense can use the information garnered during the deposition against the claimant and his or her Bronx employment law attorney; and
  • Defense attorneys are able to interact with the plaintiff and get a feel for his or her personality.

The Type of Information that a Defense Lawyer Will Attempt to Uncover
During a deposition, a defense attorney will touch on a variety of topics. A Bronx employment law lawyer might warn plaintiffs to be prepared to answer queries regarding the following matters.

  1. The details of the complaint against the plaintiff’s former employer;
  2. The nature of the relationship between the former employer and the claimant;
  3. The environment at the claimant’s former workplace; and
  4. The damages being requested by the claimant’s Bronx employment law attorney.

The defense will want to gather as much information as possible in order to assess the strength of the prosecution’s case.
A Bronx Employment Law Attorney Needs to Know About Potential Personal Weaknesses
Plaintiffs may also need to provide material about certain personal subjects such as their living situation, educational background and military discharge records. This material can possibly harm the claimant’s case.
Therefore, plaintiffs should inform their Bronx employment law attorney about any potential weaknesses within their personal lives before attending a deposition with a defense attorney.
Consult an Expert Before Your Deposition
Depositions can unravel a claimant’s employment law case, so be sure to consult an expert Bronx employment law attorney from the Law Office of Delmas Costin, Jr. before answering a defense attorney’s questions. Simply call (718) 618-0589 for a consultation today.