Bronx employment lawyerIf you file an employment claim, you should expect your employer’s attorney to schedule your deposition. A Bronx employment lawyer can explain the purpose of this deposition and help prepare you.
Your Bronx Employment Lawyer Can Help You Understand the Purpose of Your Deposition
During your employment claim, the defense lawyer will schedule your deposition. A deposition is taken before a court reporter, and you will be asked questions under oath. Whatever you say in your deposition can be used against you later at trial. As your Bronx employment attorney will explain, if details of your story change from deposition to trial, the defense attorney may try to attack your credibility. Additionally, the defense wants to pin down your story and get you to make certain admissions that may bolster their attempts to dismiss the case down the road.
A Bronx Employment Attorney Can Help Prepare You for What to Expect
Your Bronx employment lawyer will likely tell you that the most important thing to remember at your deposition is to tell the truth. Lying under oath may expose you to perjury as well as destroy your reputation with the jury.
Your Deposition Helps the Defendant’s Bronx Employment Attorney Gauge You as a Witness
Much can be revealed by how you handle yourself under the pressure of a deposition. Although your Bronx employment lawyer can work with you beforehand to prepare, the defense lawyer needs to see how you might “read” to a jury. The lawyers will look for clues as to whether you will be sympathetic or likeable. If you have trouble remembering things, wither under questioning or become highly emotional, this can impact what the jury thinks of you. Again, a Bronx employment lawyer can work with you to some extent to help make you the best witness you can be for your own case.
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