Bronx Employment LawyerA Bronx employment lawyer will help you understand the process of mediation in your employment case.
Your Bronx Employment Lawyer Will Advise You Not to Settle for a Minimum Amount
Prior to going to mediation, your Bronx employment law attorney will tell you that there is a “bottom line” amount as to what your case will be worth. During mediation, the mediator will state how much the defendants are willing to pay. It’s possible that the amount might surpass the bottom line. If that is the case, don’t react as if you’re pleased at the offer.
A Bronx Employment Law Attorney Will Tell You Why You Should Stay Even-Keel
Your Bronx employment lawyer’s job is to get you the maximum amount of compensation. If you show your emotions at hearing an amount that exceeds what the case was expected to be worth, it could hinder that. Wait until after the mediator is gone before discussing the matter with your lawyer. Showing your emotions during a negotiation could end up reducing the amount.
Your Bronx Employment Law Attorney Will Stress Maintaining Confidentiality
You will be advised by your Bronx employment lawyer to maintain confidentiality and not discuss the case with anyone. This is true even if there is an admission that you were terminated unfairly; you can’t share that information. It cannot be used in court. On the other hand, the defendant must also adhere to the rule of confidentiality. You will also be wise to keep the entire process quiet before you go to mediation. Friends, relatives and former co-workers might continually ask about the case, and you could be tempted to say something. If the defendants discover you are talking about the case, it could limit their motivation to settle.
Contact an Experienced Bronx Employment Lawyer
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