Bronx employment attorneyClients of a Bronx employment attorney often have concerns about how to testify about their emotional distress during the deposition.

An Attorney From a Bronx Employment Law Firm Will Explain How to Give Details About Emotional Issues

When you testify, your Bronx employment lawyer will tell you that the benefits and wages you lost are generally the lowest amount of damages. The larger aspects of the claim have to do with emotional distress suffered. You must provide detailed, organized and understandable testimony about this. The opposing attorney will ask questions about your state as a result of being harassed, discriminated against or retaliated against. Examples of questions include:
1) Did you go for therapy, counseling, psychological or psychiatric treatment?
2) Did you require medications for anxiety, depression, panic attacks or sleep?
3) Were there symptoms due to the emotional problems such as being depressed or stressed. Did you have anxiety or decreased self-esteem?

A Bronx Employment Attorney Will Tell You That The Opposing Counsel Will Ask Questions About Your Personal Life

An opposing attorney is likely to use the strategy of trying to establish that emotional distress might not have been due to the work issues. Your attorney from the Bronx employment law firm will prepare you for the following questions:
1) Did you ever receive psychiatric or psychological treatment? Did you seek therapy or counseling?
2) Did you have emotional distress prior to starting work for the employer?
3) Is there anything that might have contributed to your emotional issues?

Other Issues Your Bronx Employment Attorney Must Know About

When there are factors that you would prefer not to discuss such as a past history of being abused, it must be disclosed to your Bronx employment attorney immediately.

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