Bronx employment lawyer Clients of a Bronx employment lawyer often ask about the advantages and disadvantages of going to mediation.
A Bronx Employment Law Attorney Will Explain the Advantages of Mediation
Advantages of mediation include:

  1. The parties are involved in the negotiations that take place during mediation. When settlement negotiations are underway, it is the legal representatives of the parties that discuss the issues. With mediation each side will hear the other out without interference from the attorneys;
  2. Counsel won’t be able to be aggressive and hinder settlement discussions. Mediation can avoid the attorneys interacting with one another. This can stop common mistakes that crop up between attorneys; and
  3. Freedom to be creative to solve the problem. Mediation can allow a wide range of solutions including:
    1. Arranging a payment plan to assuage problems with immediate cash shortfalls;
    2. Coming to an agreement to remain on the employment health plan;
    3. Have the employer agree to assist you in finding a new job;
    4. If the issues stem from disability, you can be accommodated to help you perform your job; and
    5. If there was a personal issue, an apology might suffice.

Disadvantages Of Mediation
Disadvantages of mediation can be the following:

  1. It can be costly;
  2. It usually takes a whole day; and
  3. It places those who are making the decisions, not the attorneys or agents, in the middle of the process.

How Mediation Starts
Mediation generally will start prior to the parties choosing to sit and negotiate with a mediator. This will make it essential to decide who the mediator is going to be; how the mediator will be paid and by whom; where the mediation will be; and what kind of mediation will be used whether by the hour, by the half or full day.
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