Bronx employment attorney
Clients of a Bronx employment attorney often have questions about whether or not they can recover the wages they were denied when being wrongfully terminated.

A Bronx Employment Lawyer Will Explain How Lost Wages Are Measured
If an employee loses his or her job wrongfully, a Bronx employment attorney will work to recover the wages that were lost. This is measured by calculating the amount the employee would have received from termination to trial. Work the individual does in the intervening time, whether full or part-time, will be deducted from the total.
Your Bronx Employment Attorney Will Tell You About Mitigating Damages
Your Bronx employment attorney will explain that you are required to mitigate damages by finding work that is comparable to the previous job. If you don’t try to find a comparable job, you will not be able to recover lost wages from the prior job.

How You Can Mitigate Damages
While you and your Bronx employment lawyer are preparing for your case, you are required to look for a job just as you would if you had lost your job without filing a claim for wrongful termination. For example, you might search the internet or ask friends and family if they are aware of available work.

Your Bronx Employment Lawyer Will Advise You to Keep Records of Your Job Search
The former employer’s attorney is going to ask you about your job search following your termination and it’s imperative that you have reasonable answers. You might be asked about what you’ve done to find a job, whether you have a resume, if you’ve applied for jobs and if you’ve posted your resume online. You will also be asked to give details about the job search with names of people you’ve spoken to with contact information.

Contact a Qualified Bronx Employment Attorney 
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