Bronx employment law lawyerIf you feel you’ve been discriminated against at work, you may have questions or uncertainties about continuing your employment while your claim proceeds. A Bronx employment law lawyer can discuss your legal options.
Requesting Representation by Your Bronx Employment Law Lawyer
After you’ve filed a discrimination claim, don’t be surprised if your employer requests an interview with you. Understandably, this can cause stress or anxiety. One strategy is to inform your employer that you will agree to the interview but only in the presence of your Bronx employment law attorney. Sometimes, employers withdraw their request for the interview at this point. If not, then your Bronx employment law attorney can attend the interview with you.
A Bronx Employment Law Lawyer Can Help You Draft a Written Complaint
Discrimination in the workplace is prohibited by law. If you feel you’ve been subjected to it, a Bronx employment law lawyer can educate you about the law. Additionally, your employer may ask that you put your complaints in writing. Your Bronx employment law attorney can help you put your statement together.
Basic Information to Include in Your Written Complaint
Your Bronx employment law lawyer will likely suggest some basic information to include when communicating with your employer. In general, you may wish to include examples of the types of discrimination, harassment or retaliation you feel you were subjected to. Sometimes, after thorough investigation, more incidents are revealed. Although your written complaint should include specific examples, reserve the option of including more information later. You should mention any witnesses to the discriminatory conduct and outline any reasons for delaying coming forward. If you are also interviewed, make sure to take a copy of your written statement along with you and ask that it be included as a supplement. Always have your lawyer review it first.
If you believe you have a discrimination case against your employer, a Bronx employment law lawyer can discuss your options and advise you on how to proceed. Contact the Law Office of Delmas Costin, Jr. at 718-618-0589.