Bronx employment law lawyerAfter a plaintiff files a complaint, his or her employer has the right to investigate the case with or without the use of a third-party investigator. A claimant and a Bronx employment law lawyer must fully participate in the investigation, but they should also be prepared to guard against an employer’s potentially underhanded tactics like those below.
Exploiting the Holes in a Claimant’s Interview Statements
Employers sometimes demand interviews with plaintiffs to uncover the prosecution’s arguments and exploit the holes in a plaintiff’s story. If an employer and his or her investigator request an interview with a claimant, a Bronx employment law lawyer can help the plaintiff prepare a comprehensive document of complaints.
Creating a Document of Complaints With a Bronx Employment Law Attorney
An experienced Bronx employment law lawyer understands that a claimant’s comprehensive statement can be a powerful tool during a case. Basically, the document summarizes the plaintiff’s discriminatory experiences and is given to the investigator to support any statements that the plaintiff may make throughout the interview.
A Bronx employment law lawyer and his or her client should write the document together and include the following components.

  • A disclaimer stating that the letter may not contain every single instance of discrimination experienced at the employer’s workplace
  • Many examples of discriminatory episodes
  • References to coworkers who have also been harassed, if applicable
  • An explanation for the plaintiff’s delay in reporting the discriminatory behavior, if applicable

A Bronx Employment Law Lawyer May Ask to Be Present
Sometimes, a prosecuting attorney will take a more hands-on approach to an employer’s request for an interview.
If a Bronx employment law attorney feels that an employer is pursuing an interview to intimidate the claimant, he or she might recommend that the plaintiff submit a response stating that his or her counsel must be involved in the proceedings. This could nudge the employer into calling off the interview.
Sidestepping an Employer’s Tricks
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