Bronx employment law attorneyYour Bronx employment law attorney will have questions concerning the circumstances that led you to decide to seek legal assistance regarding your employment situation. If you experienced unlawful harassment in your employment, your Bronx employment law attorney will need to know the following facts:

  1. Was the conduct in question welcome?
  2. What was the conduct’s extent and nature? For example, how severe and pervasive was the conduct?
  3. Was management aware of the conduct, or should they have?
  4. Did you make a complaint to management about the conduct? If so, was anything done?
  5. If you made no complaint, why didn’t you?
  6. Did you tell anyone, such as family, friends, or a therapist about the conduct?
  7. Have any other employees suffered harassment of a similar nature?
  8. Are there any procedures or policies in place at your place of employment to prevent unlawful harassment?

If your employment was terminated, either through adverse employment actions or demotion, your Bronx employment law attorney will need to know the details concerning two main issues:

  1. What do you believe is the reason you were fired?
  2. What reason do you believe your employer will cite for your termination?

Additionally, your Bronx employment law attorney will want to know the facts concerning the termination such as:

  1. Who decided to terminate your position?
  2. When was the termination enacted?
  3. Who informed you of the termination?
  4. Who was your replacement?
  5. Did you make a complaint to management? What was the response?
  6. Have previous employees been treated in a similar manner?

Available Documentation and/or Witnesses

Whether your case involves harassment or adverse employment actions, your Bronx employment law lawyer will want to know if you can produce anything that will corroborate your claim. For example, are there documents that support your claim, or witnesses you know of who observed the conduct? If there are witnesses available, you will need to obtain their telephone numbers and addresses, along with some background information such as their position, current employment status, whether their testimony will most likely be hostile or friendly, and what exactly they know about the conduct.

Obtaining Legal Assistance From a Bronx Employment Law Lawyer

Retaining an experienced and knowledgeable Bronx employment law attorney who knows what questions to ask and what information is needed may be beneficial to your case. Please contact the Law Office of Delmas Costin, Jr. at 718-618-0589 to schedule a free consultation.