Bronx employment law attorney Testifying for a deposition can be intimidating, but your Bronx employment law attorney will prepare you for what to expect and assist you through all steps in your case process.
Below are some essential guidelines to follow. Keep in mind that if you ever have questions about your deposition, you should speak with your Bronx employment lawyer for guidance.
Once You’ve Answered the Question, Stop Talking
Giving a deposition is meant for asking questions, not telling your story. But after you answer, the defense counsel may wait for you to resume talking so as to break an uncomfortable silence. Instead of falling for this trap, wait for the next question before you resume.
Don’t Guess the Answer
It can be very risky to guess or speculate the answer to a question you’re not sure about. Instead of trying to report what “probably” or “might have” happened, simply respond “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember.” This becomes particularly relevant when it comes to dates or timing. If you end up being wrong about when an event occurred, it could harm your credibility as a Bronx employment law attorney will tell you.
Instead, admit that you aren’t certain about the dating, but that you can testify about the events that occurred. If the event took place a long time ago, you should say something along the lines of, “Because that happened so long in the past, I don’t remember the exact dates, but I do recall what took place.” Your Bronx employment lawyer will offer you further advice on how to respond.
Don’t Answer If Your Attorney Instructs You Not to
This rule should be a no-brainer. If your Bronx employment law attorney tells you not to answer a question, don’t answer it.
Think About Your Answers Before Talking
A Bronx employment law attorney will instruct you to avoid politically incorrect statements as your testimony is being recorded. This includes racially-disparaging remarks, unpatriotic statements or those that might insult groups of people, e.g. African-Americans, Jews, Latinos, disabled people.
Keep Conversations With Your Bronx Employment Law Attorney Private
Do not refer to or reveal communications you had with your Bronx employment law attorney or your lawyer’s staff.
A well-performed deposition is a vital step in developing a successful case. That’s why its important that you follow the guidance of your Bronx employment lawyer. When you need legal support for your employment case, call Bronx employment law attorney Delmas Costin at 718-618-0589.