Bronx employment attorneyThe best outcome for your employment discrimination case is that you’ll be compensated for the wrongful termination. However, while you wait for your Bronx employment attorney to work through the case, you will need to mitigate your damages. Essentially, this means looking for work. Your Bronx employment lawyer will be in a stronger position to achieve a settlement if they can prove to the court that you haven’t given up working while waiting for a “big reward.”

Understanding Mitigation

As your Bronx employment attorney will explain, mitigation is a key component when seeking damages in a wrongful termination case. In fact, you have a duty to seek other employment if you are capable. Without that mitigation, the defendant’s lawyer can successfully argue you aren’t deserving of a settlement to recover lost wages. Mitigation involves seeking employment at your current salary levels and accepting reasonable offers. This puts the responsibility of mitigation squarely on your shoulders and not with your Bronx employment attorney.

Proving Mitigation

Mitigating damages is about being proactive with your employment search. Your Bronx employment lawyer will want you to document all your attempts to find employment. This means keeping track of any online job postings that you responded to with a resume. Even the mere fact that you created a resume can be entered into evidence. Additionally, you’ll want to keep all the rejection letters you receive during your job search and turn them over to your Bronx employment attorney.
You’ll also have to provide your Bronx employment attorney any records of working with a staffing agency including all the interviews they sent you on for prospective work. Keep in mind that, if you can’t find employment, you still have to look. You won’t be penalized for a poor job market.

Moving Forward with Your Bronx Employment Attorney

It might take several months to a year to resolve your wrongful termination case. During that time, your Bronx employment attorney will provide you with all the important updates. Based on their track record, you’ll find that working with Bronx employment lawyers from the Law Office of Delmas Costin, Jr., will be a huge asset for your case. Call them today at 718-618-0589 to set up a consultation.