Bronx employment law lawyerDepositions are part of every civil action. As your Bronx employment law lawyer will explain, your deposition will become the cornerstone of your complaint. Before your deposition, your Bronx employment law lawyer will make sure you are fully prepared to tell your entire story. You won’t get a second chance to make “amendments.”
Testifying Truthfully
You’ve probably watch dozens of legal dramas on television where courtroom testimony can get rather heated. That is unlikely to happen if you are called to testify in court. Your Bronx employment law attorney will tell you that the defense attorney is going to attempt to trip you up. That can only happen if your testimony is different from your deposition. Before the defense gets to question you, your Bronx employment law attorney will allow you to present your side of the story. Here is where you need to match up with your deposition to ensure there are no inconsistencies.
There might be a temptation to answer a question in a way that will make your case look good but isn’t the truth. Your Bronx employment law lawyer will always recommend that you stick with the truth.
Sizing Up the Witness
Your Bronx employment law attorney will inform you that during your deposition, the defense will have the perfect opportunity to size you up. They’ll be looking to see if you crack under cross examination or if your story wavers. Thanks to all the practice with your Bronx employment law lawyer, that shouldn’t be an issue. Additionally, your Bronx employment law lawyer will encourage you to remain confident and look the defense lawyer right in the eye. If you can present a strong front during your deposition, it will make the defense’s job that much harder. That’s exactly what you want.
Getting Ready for Your Deposition With the Help of Your Bronx Employment Law Lawyer
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