bronx employment attorneyAt your first meeting with an attorney, each of you has an evaluation to make. In the paragraphs that follow, a Bronx employment attorney provides an overview of how an attorney assesses a prospective client.

The Attorney’s Evaluation

There are several aspects of your situation that your attorney must carefully balance in deciding whether or not to take your case. The most significant, of course, is you, and how the attorney responds to you. The impression you make and the opinion that he or she forms of you plays a central role in the lawyer’s decision to represent you.

How You Come Across

Your Bronx employment lawyer must form a reasonably accurate picture of the type of person you are. This is telling in terms of how a jury is likely to respond to you. An employment lawsuit requires testimony from you that can last for several days, during which you will be questioned and cross-questioned. It is an extremely exhausting procedure, and the pressure placed on you will be intense. You will face that jury hour after hour and day after day, and they will be watching you closely for every minute of it. With this in mind, your prospective lawyer will be looking for anything about you that a jury might find odd, untrustworthy or unappealing. Any such traits will become clearly visible while you are on the stand, and juries will respond accordingly.

The Jury’s Reaction

While juries are instructed to base decisions on the merits of the case, they are still human, and their personal reactions cannot be entirely discounted. They are also intelligent and observant, which will make any negative personality traits on your part almost impossible to conceal. Your attorney is aware of this, which is why his or her evaluation takes into account how likeable or unlikeable you are. If the attorney finds you personable, the jury may find you personable also. Unfortunately, the reverse is also the case. An adverse response on the part of the lawyer could indicate a possible adverse response the part of the jury. This could prejudice them against you, thus strengthening the opposition’s case and damaging yours. If you come across as a difficult, negative or disagreeable person, a jury could begin to feel that the employer might have some justification for whatever actions were taken against you.

We Can Advise You

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