Bronx employment law attorneyBronx employment lawyer will help a client to be properly prepared for the deposition in the sexual harassment lawsuit.

Preparing to Testify
To be adequately prepared to testify in the deposition, you will meet with your Bronx employment lawyer. This is to be certain that you are completely clear on the legal aspects of the case and what must be shown to prove them.
Understand Legal Theories
Your Bronx employment attorney might use the instructions given to the jury to help you. After reading them, each element of the instructions will be explained. Once they’re understood, your attorney will tell you how your case connects to them.
The Narrow Nature of Sexual Harassment Laws
Based on television and entertainment shows, it’s generally accepted that sexual harassment is illegal. That, however, doesn’t explain the various aspects of it and what has to be done to show that it has taken place. In reality, as your Bronx employment attorney will tell you, the laws are significantly restricted. The truth is that the law states that employers can’t engage in harassment against individual people based on their sex, national origin, religious affiliation, color and race. Sexual harassment is more difficult to prove.
When examining the jury instructions, it will be shown that there are still numerous issues that must be navigated when showing that there was harassment. The behavior is required to have been unwanted, severe and prevalent. It must be shown that the environment turned hostile.
Contact an Experienced Bronx Employment Lawyer
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