A Checklist for Evaluating Clients

Bronx-employment-lawyerYour Bronx employment lawyer must possess significant experience and intuition in order to evaluate you and your employment case. Ultimately, your Bronx employment attorney must decide if you are:

  • A strong client who has a strong case
  • A strong client who has a weak case
  • A weak client who has a weak case

Basically, your attorney needs to determine if working with you is something he wants to do. Your Bronx employment attorney may believe you lost your job for good reason if he finds you difficult to work with, especially considering that he has your best interests in mind. Because the most common defense given in an employment case is “the plaintiff was not a team player,” your Bronx employment lawyer may choose to refuse your case if he sees evidence that you have a hard time getting along or working well with other people.

Questions to Keep in Mind

Answering the following questions gives your Bronx employment attorney information that will help make the decision whether or not to take your case.

  1. Does the client maintain good eye contact?
  2. Does the client’s version of the circumstances demonstrate deceit, or thoughtfulness?
  3. Does the client’s version of the circumstances seem hard to believe and unreasonable, or does it make sense?
  4. Does the client appear to know it all, and instead of listening and asking relevant questions, seem bored and uninterested during the client/lawyer meeting?
  5. Do the circumstances of the incident follow logically, or does it appear parts of the story are missing?
  6. Will the jury believe the client?
  7. Do I like the client?
  8. Will I be able to work with the client?
  9. Can I envision working with the client for two or three years?
  10. Does the client relate courteously and respectfully to my office staff?
  11. What kind of work record does the client have? Has he or she had previous disciplinary actions or been unable to stay with any one job for a long time?
  12. Will I have to fight with the client over everything?
  13. Will the client second-guess everything I attempt to do while representing his or her case?

Contact an Experienced Bronx Employment Lawyer

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