Bronx employment law attorneyIf you’ve experienced employee harassment and you’re still employed by the company, you may be wondering what your next step should be. A Bronx employment law attorney may be able to help.
Put It in Writing
A Bronx employment law attorney knows that cooperation in the investigation on the part of a current employee is usually required. Working with a Bronx employment law lawyer, they can help you to document all instances in the investigation in which you fully cooperated with your current employer’s inquiry.
Watch Out: One Interview May Be Enough
If you have already been interviewed once, a Bronx employment law lawyer can help you to argue and possibly avoid a second interview. An employer is not necessarily permitted to a “second chance” interview with regards to your case. Ask to have your Bronx employment law attorney present for the interview, as well. In some instances, a company may drop the issue of an interview if your Bronx employment law attorney is required.
Rules for Your Interview
A Bronx employment law lawyer can help to put rules for your interview with the company into place. It may be useful to enlist the help of a Bronx employment law attorney to help you draft a letter to your employer. In the letter, you might ask the following key questions:

  • Will the interviewer be non-biased and neutral? Be careful. The interviewer could be the company’s attorney, in which case information disclosed in the interview could be kept silent later at a trial.
  • Has the company complied with its anti-harassment policy and, in addition, the state and federal regulations?

A Bronx Employment Law Attorney can help to uncover your employer’s motive. You may want to communicate, in writing, your willingness to cooperate in the investigation, provided that your employer in turn submits to you in writing their waiver of attorney-client privileges. Information deemed unfavorable to your employer’s case may not make it to court. In the event that your employer does not waive their attorney-client privileges, information gathered from your interview could be withheld by their attorney later on.
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