Bronx employment law firmThe best way to become prepared for your upcoming deposition is to follow the advice of your Bronx employment law firm. They will be investing several hours into getting you ready to testify. In fact, your Bronx employment attorney won’t let you enter into a deposition until they feel you are fully prepared. After all, this is why you retain their services in the first place.

Stay Focused on the Truth

You’ve probably seen hours of courtroom dramas where witnesses are forced to breakdown on the stand. As your Bronx employment law firm will tell you, that’s not going to happen in your case. First of all, your deposition is not a full-blown interrogation. Your Bronx employment attorney will be guiding you through a series of questions that will allow you to present your side of the story. As long as you focus on the truth of your situation, there shouldn’t be any reason to feel intimidated.
When the defendant’s lawyers have an opportunity to question you, the lawyers from your Bronx employment law firm will be right by your side. They can raise any objection of the line of questioning veers off the truth. Your Bronx employment attorney can also prevent you from answering any question that isn’t relevant. They can assist in helping you relate any facts that you might have overlooked.

The Deposition Process

As the representatives from your Bronx employment law firm will explain, during your deposition you are well within your rights to request a break at any time. At first, you might be a bit nervous. However, most litigants soon fall into a comfortable pattern of providing the right answers for their claim.

Practice with Your Bronx Employment Law Firm

Before the actual deposition, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your testimony. These sessions can be videotaped for you to review and make adjustments. The Law Office of Delmas Costin, Jr. has logged many deposition hours. They are standing by to share their vast experiences with you. Call their offices today at 718-618-0589 to discuss your case.