Bronx employment law attorneyYour Bronx employment law attorney is aware that many employees don’t exercise their rights under the employment laws because they are afraid they will place their jobs in jeopardy. However, your Bronx employment law lawyer points out, you should be aware that the law protects you against retaliation by your employer.
What Is Retaliation
Your Bronx employment law attorney explains that retaliation is any unfavorable action against you by your employer because you exercised your rights under the labor laws. Protected activities include:

  • Complaining to your employer about labor law violations;
  • Providing information to the Labor Department about labor law violations; and
  • Testifying in an investigation or other proceeding.

Actions Suggesting Retaliation
Your Bronx employment law attorney notes that you may have been the victim of retaliation if your employer:

  • Demoted or dismissed you;
  • Cut your hours or pay;
  • Scheduled you to work fewer hours;
  • Transferred you to a less desirable work location;
  • Denied you a promised benefit, such as a transfer from part-time to full-time status; or
  • Took other actions that appeared to be intended to punish you.

However, your Bronx employment law attorney warns, you may not be able to claim retaliation if the employer’s action was triggered by your poor performance or failure to follow legitimate work rules, such as health and safety rules.
Your Rights
Your Bronx employment law attorney explains that victims of retaliation have several ways to enforce their rights. One important way is to have your Bronx employment law attorney help you bring an action in court. The court can order your employer to:

  • Reinstate you to your former position with the same seniority;
  • Pay you lost compensation; and
  • Pay your attorneys’ fees.

If you believe your employer has retaliated against you, Bronx employment law lawyer Delmas Costin, Jr. can help you understand your rights. Call him at (718) 618-0589 to arrange for a consultation.