Bronx employment law firmA lawyer from a Bronx employment law firm may discuss several aspects of litigation with you. One such topic that may come up is the introduction of depositions. There are certain strategies that a Bronx employment law firm may recommend you try.
Recognize Questions That Give You an Opportunity to Explain
A Bronx employment lawyer might suggest that you look for questions that allow you to explain your story. These questions give you a chance to deliver testimony that has a high impact on your case. For example, a lawyer may ask you why you believe that the employer terminated the employment. This type of question allows you to state that you believe you were fired because you reported that a superior was sexually harassing you or because of your religion. A question of this type may also lead to additional questions that allow you to follow up on your previous answer.
Provide Details
After you get a question that gives you the power to encapsulate the essence of your case, you can explain who was involved in the termination decision. You can also include direct statements that were made to you that directly show harassment or a protected status was a motivating factor in the employment decision or statements that could imply this sentiment. You can also provide contradictory information at that point, such as pointing out superior performance evaluations were satisfactory or positive in the past, but that these evaluations declined after a precipitating event. If you were told that you were terminated because the position was eliminated, you might also provide testimony that someone else was hired in the position. If you received any threats by coworkers or supervisors, a Bronx employment law firm may explain that this is also the opportunity for you to supply this information during the hearing.
Seek Legal Assistance
If you would like more information about strategies that can be helpful during a deposition, a Bronx employment lawyer from the Law Office of Delmas Costin, Jr. might be able to help. Call (718) 618-0589 to schedule a confidential consultation with an employment lawyer.