Bronx employment lawyer As you discuss your case with a Bronx employment lawyer, you may learn about different stages in the process. Discovery is an important part of the process, including the taking and defending of depositions. This is a chance for your Bronx employment lawyer to learn about the employer’s defense and evidence.
Process of Taking Depositions
A Bronx employment lawyer will take the sworn testimony of different individuals. Typically, in an employment discrimination case, this will include the person who made the alleged adverse employment decision against you and the human resources representative that dealt with the claim. Your Bronx employment lawyer may also depose other individuals who knew about your claim or helped with the investigation. Regarding the person who made the adverse decision against you, here are various subjects that your Bronx employment lawyer may question your employer about.
Questions About Involvement
Your Bronx employment law attorney may ask the decision-maker about the role that he or she played in the decision, such as choosing to fire, demote or refuse to hire you. Additionally, Your Bronx employment lawyer may ask if there were other individuals who played a role in making this decision, and, if so, what this role was.
Review Questions
Another area that your Bronx employment law attorney may focus is the review of your case. He or she may ask if the human resources department reviewed the decision before it was made final. If no one from that department was involved in a review, your Bronx employment law attorney may ask if anyone else reviewed the decision before the employer implemented it.
Your employment law attorney may be particularly interested in learning about any potential defenses by asking the decision-maker about the reasoning behind the termination. He or she may ask about the specific reason for the adverse action as well as whether there was agreement from pertinent parties about this reasoning. He or she may also ask if your protected status such as race, sex or nationality was mentioned during the process.
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