Bronx employment law attorneyDiscovery is the formal process where two parties involved in lawsuits share information before trial. In addition to taking advantage of formal discovery procedures, a defendant’s lawyer may also utilize informal discovery methods to uncover material that could be useful against a plaintiff and his or her Bronx employment law attorney.
Litigation Other than that Involving a Bronx Employment Law Attorney
Separate legal matters can provide a wealth of information to a defense attorney. For instance, a lawyer may attend any open court proceedings in order to understand a plaintiff’s motivations and determine whether the plaintiff has a track record of filing lawsuits or claims, even if the litigation is unrelated to the pending discrimination suit.
Additionally, a defense lawyer hired by the plaintiff’s former employer can assess any applications for Social Security disability benefits. He or she will search for any clues that seem to contradict claims made by the plaintiff’s Bronx employment law attorney since these contradictions can potentially damage the litigant’s case.
Public Documents
A Bronx employment law attorney could explain to a plaintiff that the defendant’s lawyer can also access the following public documents to gather background information about the claimant.

  • Court records
  • Previous suits filed against former employers, especially if the involve the same Bronx employment law lawyer
  • Arrest and conviction files
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Custody and marriage battles

Documents Filed by a Bronx Employment Law Lawyer
In addition to examining any past and pending legal matters involving the plaintiff, a defense attorney will be sure to look up the documents filed by a plaintiff’s Bronx employment law attorney. For example, he or she could review the original charges filed by the plaintiff and his or her attorney, as well as any subsequent case notices. The investigation record produced by the Fair Employment Practices Agency could also be helpful to the defense.
Find a Seasoned Lawyer
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