bronx employment lawyerIn an employment claim, you and the other party might decide that mediation is the best option. However, you might wonder who is responsible to pay. The defense might ask you to pay for 50 percent of the mediation to show that you are dedicated to resolving the issue. A Bronx employment lawyer can provide you with further advice on how to handle this matter.

Our Bronx Employment Attorney Considers Paying for Part of Mediation

The Bronx employment lawyer for the plaintiff might see the validity of this reasoning and pay for mediation to prove they are serious. They don’t want to argue about the money because it could show financial weakness on their part. The team for the plaintiff wants to show they can follow through with the case. A lawyer can tell you more about the wisdom of this strategy.

Reasons Why You Should Not Pay Half

However, you might deny the request to pay for half of the mediation costs for two reasons. First, the employer has far greater resources than you do, so an expectation on the behalf of a Bronx employment lawyer to pay the same amount is blatantly unjust. Second, you will feel extra pressure to try to negotiate a resolution even if opposing counsel doesn’t make a fair settlement offer. You might send the defense lawyer a message that you are willing to settle for a reduced amount.

How a Lawyer Can Help

If you have questions about mediation and how it could affect your case, call our Bronx employment lawyer. You can reach the Law Office of Delmas Costin, Jr., at 718-618-0589.