Bronx wrongful termination attorneysIf you were unfairly fired from your job, you may need the assistance of experienced Bronx wrongful termination attorneys to properly file a lawsuit against your former employer for wrongful termination.  First, here is a general overview of what you need to know about wrongful termination.
Wrongful termination (also called wrongful discharge) is a claim filed you would file against your former employer, stating that your former employer fired you in violation of one of the following: your employment contract, state law, federal law, or public policy.  Your Bronx wrongful termination lawyers will advise you that you need to find out whether you were a for-cause employee or an at-will employee for the purposes of your case.

Bronx Wrongful Termination Attorneys Explain For-Cause Employees

If you had an employment contract with your former employer that stated that your job could only be terminated “for good cause” or for other reasons as stated in the employment contract, you were a for-cause employee.  An additional indicator that you were not an at-will employee is if you received a document from your former employer, such as an offer letter, that assured you of continued employment.  Your Bronx wrongful termination lawyers will tell you that if you were a for-cause employee, you can file a suit against your former employer for arbitrary discharge.  You could also enforce the employment contract in court.

Bronx Wrongful Termination Attorneys At-Will Employees

Most wrongful termination claims, however, stem from employer-employee relationships where the employee is an “at-will” employee.  In the United States, at-will employment came from the idea of freedom of contract: an employee’s employment lasts indefinitely, and both the employee and the employer can terminate the employer-employer relationship for any reason and at any time that is not contrary to the contract or against the law.  However, even at-will employees who were fired can sue a former employer for wrongful termination.

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