Bronx Workplace Discrimination Attorney officeIf you feel as though you are experiencing discrimination in the workplace based on your religion, contact your local Bronx workplace discrimination attorney for assistance. The First Amendment on the Bill of Rights guarantees that every American has the right to freedom of their chosen religion, not one that has been chosen for them by the government. The First Amendment also allows their religion to be practiced freely. While private employers are not bound by the same Constitutional restraints as the government, they still are not allowed to discriminate against their employees based on their religious beliefs. If you have any questions as to what is considered to be discrimination against religious beliefs in the workplace, be sure to schedule a consultation with your Bronx workplace discrimination attorney immediately.

Diverse Religions in the Workplace

There are many different religions practiced in the United States which creates diversity in the workplace. Employees that are hired in the workplace can come from different countries and practice many different religions. In a perfect situation, all employees, regardless of their religious beliefs, get along well together and there is no conflict that arises from their diverse religions. Their religious beliefs have no effect on their ability to perform quality work. However, many private companies are far from experiencing that perfect situation. Employers and employees often find that they are experiencing a conflict because of their religious beliefs. Employers could disagree with the employee’s religious beliefs because of actions that are required by that religion. These actions can include religious holidays that are needed off, a certain way of dressing, a certain diet, needing to pray during the work day, or even discussing their religious beliefs with other employees.

Anti-Discrimination Laws Protecting Religion in the Workplace

As discussed above, the First Amendment protects an individual’s right to chose their religion and practice it freely. While the government is not allowed to interfere with an individual’s freedom of religion, a private company is not bound by the same laws. However, there are laws in place that protect the religious beliefs of an employee working in the private sector. The main statute that protects employees in the private sector is called the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII of this act prevents private employers from discriminating against color, race, sex, country of origin, or religion. Employees are protected from having to deal with a hostile work environment under this act.

Accommodating an Employee’s Religion

An employer is required to accept and accommodate an employee’s religion, unless it affects the way that the business is being conducted. If the religious requests on the employer become to big of a burden, then a change may occur. If an employee is unable to perform the duties necessary to be successful at their job due to a reason related to their religion, then the employer’s demands may not seem unreasonable under certain circumstances. An employee may also not meet the requirements needed to be successful at the job due to religious interference. An example is if a restaurant requires an employee to have short hair but the employee cannot cut their hair due to their religion.

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