man on laptop Bronx Employment LawyerAlthough your case will comprise an important part of your life for a significant period of time, your Bronx employment lawyer will caution you about discussing your case with others. Here are a few things to keep in mind about communicating about your case.

Do Not Use Employer’s Communication Devices

Since people spend a great deal of time at their employer’s place of business, they may be accustomed to communicating in this area. However, a Bronx employment lawyer will caution you not to use your employer’s communication devices to discuss your employment case. Your employer is likely the legal owner of the device and may have the right to monitor these communications. Many businesses keep a log of outgoing and incoming phone calls, and faxes and emails may be stored. Using your employer’s communication devices can reveal the confidential and privileged communications between you and your Bronx employment lawyer.

Do Not Discuss Your Case with Anyone Else

Only communicate with your Bronx employment lawyer about your case. Other communications that you have with other individuals are not privileged and will not be protected. If you talk about your case with others, you will likely have to reveal this information during the discovery process, such as in the interrogatories or during a deposition. This may result in other depositions being taken of the people with whom you discussed your case. This can wind up costing you more money to litigate your case. Additionally, this can severely damage your case. For example, a colleague may try to get information from you, pretending to be a sympathetic friend. He may then use this information to leverage a promotion with the company. Alternatively, a colleague may ask how much you would be willing to settle your case for and then give this information to the employer. Even if your Bronx employment attorney thinks that your case may be worth more, the employer may only offer the amount you stated because he or she knows you will accept it. A romantic partner may betray a confidence if the relationship goes south, such as telling the employer the strengths and weaknesses of the case, identifying star witnesses or listing individuals who have adverse information about the claim. In some situations, there may be no ill intentions, such as self-gain, greed or revenge. Sometimes information may simply lead back to the employer as office gossip.

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