bronx employment attorneyWhen an employment retaliation case is filed, depositions are among the legal proceedings that take place before the trial starts. During the deposition, a witness is asked questions under oath so that the attorneys can gather additional information and facts about the case. A Bronx employment attorney will explain some of the issues you may encounter while being deposed and ensures that you are properly prepared.

Bronx Employment Law Firm Reviews Questions Asked at the Deposition

The Bronx employment attorney representing you needs to show the employer retaliated against you as a result of your participation in an activity protected by the law. At the deposition, the employer’s attorney you will ask you about any complaints you made at work or other actions that allegedly led the employer to react in a negative manner. The employer’s attorney will also want to know when the protected activity took place and if there is any written evidence that substantiates your statements.
Confirming if the employer was aware of your complaints is an important aspect of the case. You may need to discuss any interactions and communication you had with the owner or management that verifies they knew about the protected activity. Your Bronx employment attorney will ask the employer about any information they have regarding the incident and how it affected their decision-making process.
Another purpose of the deposition is to find out if you were subjected to an adverse action by the employer. Typical acts of retaliation include getting transferred to a less desirable department or location, demotion, wage reduction, the creation of a hostile work environment or termination. You should let your Bronx employment attorney know about all of the retaliatory actions initiated by the employer.

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