Bronx employment attorneyThere are several things that you can do to ensure the best possible outcome in your case. One of the most important steps you can take is to search for new employment and keep your Bronx employment attorney informed about your job search.

Keep a Record of Your Job Search

Your Bronx employment attorney may ask you to keep a written record of all job opportunities you either apply for or inquire about. You should keep track of everyone that you communicate with about a prospective job.
For example, you might create a spreadsheet with column headings such as date, person or company contacted; method of contact (e.g. email, phone or internet); position applied for and what action you took. In the action column, include a brief description of what you did. For example, “I saw an opening for a receptionist at ABC Widget Company on an employment website and emailed a cover letter and copy of my resume to the email listed.”
Keep in mind that any communication between you and your attorney is confidential. It is a good idea to put the following statement at the top of your spreadsheet: “Privileged attorney-client communication.” Your Bronx employment lawyer can then review your list in confidence and may decide to waive confidentiality and use some or all of your list as evidence in your case to demonstrate that you are taking steps to mitigate damage.

Save All Documents Related to Your Job Search for Your Bronx Employment Attorney

Your Bronx employment lawyer will want to see all of your documentation related to your search for employment. Following is a list of documents that you should make copies of or save:

  • Job listing advertisements that you have searched such as newspaper classified ads.
  • All job applications that you have filled out.
  • All versions of your résumé.
  • Cover letters that you have sent with your résumé.
  • All email communication connected with your job search that you have either sent or received.
  • Printed search results from employment websites.
  • Any emails or letters you have received requesting an interview.
  • Any rejection or offer letters that you have received.

Your attorney can sift through all of the documents you provide and may use some or all of them to show the court that you are actively seeking new employment. This fact may strengthen your case.
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