A Bronx wrongful termination attorney will provide you with advice on whether or not you should take part in an investigation conducted by a former employer.

A Bronx Wrongful Termination Lawyer Explains Why You Shouldn’t Participate

The employer is not investigating to assist you and your Bronx wrongful termination attorney in your case, nor are they trying to find out if you have a reasonable complaint regarding your dismissal. They are trying to protect their own interests and get your side of the story on record before the case proceeds further. It is unfair to put you into a position where you have to rehash the events that led to you losing your job multiple times in the investigation and at the deposition. In most instances, a loss of job is a traumatic experience and it is not fair to force you to relive it repeatedly.

A Bronx Wrongful Termination Attorney Explains Exceptions to This Rule

Bronx wrongful termination attorneyThere are exceptions to the rule of non-participation. If your former employer will let you and your Bronx wrongful termination lawyer conduct interviews with the remaining employees, it could be useful in your case.
If your Bronx Wrongful termination attorney has access to the report and notes, it might be worth it to participate in the investigation.This is true if it is clear that the investigation is going to be evenhanded and the employer displays a willingness to seek out the truth no matter what. The employer would have to waive privileges during the investigation, there would be a consensus on who the investigator is going to be, and the investigator’s report would be available to you and your Bronx wrongful termination lawyer along with the notes compiled during the process.

Speak to an Experienced Bronx Wrongful Termination Attorney

If you have questions regarding an investigation your former employer is conducting and whether or not you should take part in it, it is wise to speak to a Bronx wrongful termination attorney who can provide you with valuable advice. Contact the Law Office of Delmas Costin, Jr. at 718-618-0589 to discuss your case today.