If you are filling a claim against your former employer, you might discover that the defendant’s own websites could be your best defense. This is especially true with a publicly traded company that is required to post a certain amount of valuable information on its website. You may have to sort through a great deal of documents, but an experienced Bronx wrongful termination lawyer will know just what to look for.

A Bronx Wrongful Termination Attorney Explains What to Uncover on a Company’s Website

Bronx wrongful termination lawyerThere is no telling what part of a company’s website could be beneficial to your case. Your Bronx wrongful termination lawyer will want to collect it all for review. Among the items your attorney will gather are:

  • All the annual financial records, SEC compliance filings, and other reports pertaining to the company’s business affairs.
  • The complete run down of a company’s subsidiaries and related entities.
  • The “About” facts of a company’s business.
  • The biographies of a board of directors, upper management and executives.
  • All press releases issued by the company before and after your employment.
  • All job postings.

Ideally, your Bronx wrongful termination lawyer will come to an understanding of how profitable a company might be. This can figure into a settlement agreement. The basis of your termination might have been that the company is cutting back on the staff. However, if your Bronx wrongful termination lawyer finds that they are still hiring, then clearly that claim was false.

Beyond the Company Website

It’s hard for any public company to hide from the Internet. Beyond the company’s website, your Bronx wrongful termination attorney can also look for blog posts and social media comments that might have relevance in your case. If your lawyer can uncover a pattern of wrongful terminations, this will strengthen your case.

Building a Defense With a Bronx Wrongful Termination Lawyer

There are many other pieces of evidence that your Bronx wrongful termination lawyer will gather for your defense. Call the Law Offices of Delmas Costin, Jr. to learn more and schedule a free initial consultation by calling at 718-618-0589.