Defendant Employer and Legal Representation Websites

Used September material insteadYour Bronx unpaid wages attorney will advise that websites are usually maintained by many companies, particularly large corporations that are publicly traded. The following information that is usually contained within the website may be beneficial during litigation with the company:

  • Employment postings.
  • Press releases concerning the company.
  • Biographies of employees.
  • SEC filings, annual reports, and other information concerning the company’s finances.
  • Listings of related companies, subsidiaries, and parent company.
  • Detailed company business description.
  • Listings of company directors, officers, and other high-level positions.

Your Bronx unpaid wages attorney may be able to use website information to verify the company’s claims or those of its attorneys. For example, if the company’s defense attorneys claim that the company is in dire financial straits, the financial information posted on the website will quickly verify or negate this claim. In like manner, a company who claims it had to terminate the plaintiff’s position due to a necessary employee reduction can be shown by your Bronx unpaid wages attorney to be deceitful if its website employment postings show numerous job openings, including the position held by the plaintiff.
Not only do most corporations maintain websites, but their defense law firms do as well. Your Bronx unpaid wages attorney may be able to use information concerning the law firm’s lawyers, along with any attorney articles, client advisories, or client newsletters that may be posted on the firm website.


Your Bronx unpaid wages attorney is aware that many employees (both former and current) are creating blogs that bring attention to the grievances they have against their employer. Information such as harassment, retaliation, or other types of discrimination may prove useful to your case.
Your Bronx unpaid wages lawyer may advise using the following search engines to discover information regarding your employer that could be used in your case:


Obtaining Legal Counsel From a Bronx Unpaid Wages Lawyer

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