Bronx employment law firmThe consequences for overstaying on an expired visa are severe. Once your visa has expired, you are not considered much differently from a person who entered illegally in the first place. If your visa is about to expire or already has, it is imperative that you speak with a Bronx employment law firm immediately.
A Bronx Employment Law Attorney Discusses Visa Expiration Dates
As you will notice from looking over your entry visa, no date is stamped for when you must depart from the United States. As a Bronx employment law firm will explain, this is because the visa only allows you to travel from your home country to the entry point into the United States. At that point, the immigration officer has the power to simply deny your visa outright if he deems it appropriate. Assuming you are allowed entry, you are given an I-94 card; this is the document that indicates when you need to leave. Make sure you keep this card with your visa and never lose it.
A Bronx Employment Law Attorney Explains Expiring Visas
As you can glean from the above, it is easy to lose track of when you are required to leave the country if you rely solely on your visa. If you wish to extend your stay, it is in your best interest to work with a Bronx employment law firm. It will be necessary to contact U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services if you wish to extend your stay legally. Don’t assume that your request will be automatically granted, and you need to file for an extension well in advance of expiration.
A Bronx Employment Law Firm on Consequences for Overstaying on a Visa
In 1996, immigration laws changed, which rendered the consequences for overstaying on a visa quite severe. Prior to that time, individuals were technically deportable, but little action was usually taken. As a Bronx employment law firm will tell you, there is no room for error today. An individual who overstays his visa faces the following:

  • If the overstay was for more than 180 days but less than a year, you may be banned from returning to the U.S. on a visa for three years; and
  • If the overstay was for a year or more, you may not be able to re-enter the U.S. for ten years.

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