Bronx employment law attorneyAt-will employment is very common today. Indeed, unless you are a union worker or are employed under a contract it is likely that you were hired “at-will,” whether you knew it at the time or not. There are protections in place if you are fired, and if your case meets certain criteria, a Bronx employment law attorney may be able to assist you.
A Bronx Employment Lawyer Explains “At-Will” Employment
The majority of workers in this country today at hired as at-will employees. There is even a presumption that an employee is at-will if he does not have union protections. Your Bronx employment law attorney will tell you that, in essence, to be hired “at-will” means that either party can terminate the employment agreement at any time, and for any reason, including no reason at all.
A Bronx Employment Lawyer on Wrongful Termination
Often, employers will not give a reason for dismissal to at-will employees. This is because mention of a reason might expose the company to potential legal action should there be any grounds for filing a wrongful termination lawsuit.
Some employers set certain rules for termination of their own. These are often noted in the employee handbook. If this is the case, the employer must abide by its standards. A Bronx employment law attorney can then step in and represent the terminated employee in a lawsuit. For this reason wise employers often avoid boxing themselves into a corner this way. It is worth noting, though, that even if the employer has not put in writing its own standards for firing employees, a worker may be able to file a lawsuit for wrongful termination based on an implied agreement.
Wrongful termination lawsuits are more often brought, however, for more clear cases of discrimination. Your Bronx employment law attorney will advise you that your employer does not have the right to dismiss you based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, etc.
A Bronx Employment Law Attorney on Protections for At-Will Employees
As an at-will employee, you do enjoy certain protections that extend beyond issues of discrimination. For instance, should you file a complaint with a state or federal agency that your company is engaging in some illegal activity you are protected from being fired. You also cannot be terminated for taking medical, family, military leave or for jury duty.
Call a Bronx Employment Lawyer If You Need Assistance
Even if you are an at-will employee, you are protected by certain state and federal statutes from being fired. However, it is very important that you have a Bronx employment law attorney in your corner who will fight for you. Call the Law Office of Delmas Costin, Jr. today at 718-618-0589.