Bronx contract employee lawyerContract employment is generally arranged for a limited period of time, during which certain specific services are rendered. Many of the protections available for contract employees depend upon the stipulations in the contract itself. If, though, you believe you have been unfairly terminated, it is very important that you consult with a Bronx contract employee lawyer.
A Bronx Contract Employee Law Attorney Defines Contract Employment
Contract employment entails, as the name suggests, an agreed-upon contract between the employee and employer. Many types of jobs are contracted. For instance, often companies that acquire government contracts hire employees thusly, such as aerospace workers.
A Bronx Contract Employee Law Attorney on What Contracts Generally Include
The employment contract establishes the conditions of the employer/employee relationship and includes all terms and obligations. As a Bronx contract employee lawyer will tell you, the contract will explain the role of the employee, along with the following:

  • Salary/compensation;
  • Responsibilities of the position;
  • Vacation and sick time, if applicable;
  • Length of employment;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Evaluation procedures;
  • Other benefits; and
  • Grounds for terminating the contract on both sides.

Regarding the last item on the above list, your Bronx contract employee lawyer will explain how important it is that the employee has certain rights for terminating the contract. For instance, an emergency may arise which requires the employee to move to another state, such as to care for a sick relative. Keep in mind that employment contracts are usually negotiable. Once the contract is signed, however, both parties are bound by the terms of the agreement.
A Bronx Contract Employee Lawyer on Clauses Common to Contracts
Certain clauses are common to employment contracts. Many of them offer protection to the employer. Thus, your Bronx contract employee lawyer will advise you to make sure that clauses are included which protect you. Among the more common clauses are:

  • Non-compete clause;
  • Confidentiality clause;
  • Severance clause;
  • Termination clause;
  • Good faith clause; and
  • Arbitration clause.

Call a Bronx Contract Employee Law Attorney for Help
It is important that the employment contract into which you enter offers protections to you as well as the employer. If you need assistance with any aspect of the contract, including improper termination, call a Bronx contract employee lawyer at the Law Office of Delmas Costin, Jr. at 718-618-0589.